Sandra Noble To Speak on Alternative Financing
NOBLE FINANCE$: Accelerating Cash Flow

Most have heard the slogan "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Well for business owners, assets are terrible things to waste. Especially when the business needs cash to grow and to pursue bigger deals. Learn about public sector business opportunities and how to get the cash to sustain yourself at the upcoming USG Procurement Fair.

(Atlanta, GA) NOBLE FINANCES, a provider of non-debt cash flow solutions, to speak at University System of Georgia Procurement Fair.

The Office of Business Development at the University System of Georgia is having a Procurement Fair on Thursday, September 13, 2007. It will be held at Georgia State University in the Student Center Ballroom. For more details visit
This event highlights the intention of the Board of Regents to encourage small and minority businesses to do business with the University of Georgia institutions. Attendees will have access to procurement officers and decision makers in the university system. The fair hopes to demonstrate that businesses can compete and receive awards as contractors and subcontractors to deliver goods and service to Georgia institutions.

Noble Finances will be exhibiting as well as featured during the lunch and learn session. "Although we only have about a 5 minute spot, I'm pleased to be able to share valuable information about alternative financing options." says Sandra Noble, president of Noble Finances. Growing businesses often have cash flow challenges. It's a good problem to have. But when there is no resolution, it could mean the death of the business.

Banks and the Small Business Administration (SBA) are the obvious places to go for financing. But for those who don't qualify for traditional financing, it's helpful to know there are alternatives. "We provide cash flow solutions. Our programs are designed to help businesses get the working capital they need to grow, meet payroll and survive. Cash is available from often overlooked assets. And, they can get CASH without incurring debt" Noble continued.

Business owners with pending personal injury lawsuits or businesses who invoice customers, who accept credit cards, who need equipment, or who are law firms, will want to learn about asset based financing. Be there on for the whole event, but especially during the noon time hour to find options to get CASH Now!

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