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Our company developed the reputation of delivering excellent service. As a result of many referrals, it became apparent that we needed to expand into new facilities. The bank was unwilling to increase our line of credit. Had it not been for the financing of medical receivables, we would have had nowhere to turn. We feared we would have to start turning down clients. Fortunately, we learned about factoring. We are were able to service their growing client base. Our business is now more successful than ever.

Healthcare Provider

Date: October 3, 2006
From: Sandra Noble

Do you hate waiting for your Money? Are you waiting 30, 60, 90 days or longer for your customers to pay? You've got a successful business. You're experiencing a growth spurt. You want to bid with confidence on that big project that would take your business to the next level. Wouldn't an accelerated cash flow help?

You may qualify for special financing programs that provide the cash flow and working capital you need for your business to grow. Turn your accounts receivables into IMMEDIATE cash. Factoring or accounts receivables financing provides the

Cash You Need, When You Need It!  

Factoring has been used has been used by businesses from start up to Fortune 500 for funding programs of growth and expansion. It is especially useful for those companies that are currently unbankable. Or, perhaps you've obtained a line of credit which has been exhausted or is insufficient to finance current initiatives. Get the needed working capital without additional debt on your balance sheet!

Some of the Benefits:

  • Flexibility - You can get funding for one or multiple invoices
  • Speed - After the initial approval process, your money is wired to your bank account in 24 hours
  • Time Saving - We collect from your customer. Your time is freed up so you can focus on growing your business.
As a start-up company, we did not qualify for a bank loan. We had the opportunity to supply our products to a large corporation on an ongoing basis. In order to deliver the goods, we needed working capital for equipment and supplies. As we began generating invoices, we began getting the cash flow we needed. We're glad we had factoring as an option for financing our growth.


Have you gone to the bank for a business credit loan?
And, if that did not work. did you investigate small business loans from the SBA (Small Business Administration)?

Still need a business loan alternative? Then you're likely a

small business, small disadvantaged business, veteran business, minority business, woman owned business, or
just a business that is too new (less than 3 years).
Oh, and let's not forget the possibility that you and/or your business have a low credit score.

Well good news!
Noble Finances is in the accounts receivable business. We provide the working capital cash that growing businesses need. The key to our funding and financing is a creditworthy customer. If you have business accounts receivable invoices for the federal government, for example, you can get CA$H! Call us at 404-374-3384.

Your cash flow can determine your profit.
With adequate cash flow, you and your business can ride the tide and weather the storm.
Without enough working capital and cash you are likely to

If your cash isn't flowing, then give Noble Finances a call at 404-374-3384.


With Accelerated Cash Flow You Have the Ability To:

$  Get CA$H Without Increased Debt  $

$  Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts  $

$  Make Payroll and Pay Payroll Taxes  $

$  Purchase Capital Equipment  $

$  Have Adequate Supplies and Inventory To Deliver  $

$  Grow Your Business  $


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What are some of your options for business / corporate finance? Did you think venture capital and angel investors were the answer? These financing / funding options require you to give up equity and / or control of your business. Have tried to qualify for a bank loan or even a SBA (Small Business Administration) loan. The loan process can be lengthy and disheartening. With the solution offered by Noble Finances, the creditworthiness of your customers helps you qualify for factoring or accounts receivable financing. Get the cash flow and working capital you need for your business to be successful.

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Don't Miss Out On Another Income Opportunity

If you're serious about expanding your business,  then you must take a serious look at Factoring as an alternative Financing option.

Are Financial Concerns causing you to have stress, worry and sleepless nghts?

Could you double your sales if you had adequate, consistent Cash Flow? Most companies could. 

Will your business fail if you can't get the Working Capital you need? You want a profitable business, don't you?


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