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Construction Factoring

Would faster cash allow you to be more successful? Find out about this special financing program.

Contractors and Subcontractors
We specialize in providing “debt-free” capital to contractors working on project for any level of the government. You may also be able to obtains funding for work on large commercial projects. Subcontractors working for general contractors with good credit, also qualify for this financing.

If you meet the above criteria and have invoices of $10,000 or more, then you can get started by filling out an application. In addition to the corporate documentation mentioned on the General Factoring page, expect to pay a $750 due diligence fee after we make the initial decision to proceed with your application. Also, subcontractors must make sure that the general contractor is willing to verify and sign off on your invoices and make payment to a third party, the Factor.

An Example

Note: rates and fees may be different in your particular situation

Invoiced Amount $100,000
Retainage (10%) $10,000
Amount Used to Compute Advance $90,000 (Invoice amount less retainage)
Advance Percentage 60%
Amount Advanced $54,000
60 Day Discount Rate 8%
Fees for 60 day advance $8,000 (Discount Rate times Original Invoice Amount)
Amount Rebated after Invoice Is Paid $28,000 (computed as: $90,000 - $54,000 - $8,000 = $29,000)
Total Amount Received After “Retainage” Amount Is Paid $92,000 (Initial advance, plus rebate, plus retainage)

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Noble Finance$: Accelerating Cash Flow!
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